Static Var Generator – SVG Series

The installation which need Reactive Power Control in both Capacitive & Inductive Kvar mode, The Static Var Generator (STATCOM) is right recommendation.

SVG is IGBT (Integrated Gate Bipolar Transistor) based Technology combined with our advanced Digital Signal Processer (DSP) .

SVG detects load current through external Current Transformers and analyse reactive power Kvar of load current by our advanced & efficient DSP controller, then control IGBT inverter to generate reactive power kvar to compensate the load reactive power demand to meet target Power Factor .

The SVG include following Functions:

  • Reactive Power Compensation to achieve Unity Power Factor.

No over Compensation, No Under Compensation & No Resonance.

  • Three Phase Unbalance Compensation
  • Harmonics Filtering
  • Reactive Power Compensation cooperating with RTPFC.


  • Modular Design, Small size, Expandable, easy installation & Maintenance.
  • Graphic interface , Display various Power Quality Parameters
  • Easy Operation
  • Low Loss & Energy Efficient
  • Low Noise.
  • High Speed & Reliable Performance
  • Perfect Protection


  • Ideal Solution for installation where Capacitive & Inductive both type of loads are available.
  • For Installation where KVAH based Tariff is available.