Project Description

Textile & Spinning Mill

TYPE OF INDUSTRYTextile & Spinning Mill, Punjab India



  • Low power factor
  • High KVAH consumption
  • Leading Power Factor ( High Rkvah lead )
  • Frequent Electrical breakdowns.
  • Frequent failure of existing capacitor banks.
  • High Monthly Electricity Bills .


After conducting Power Quality Audit in the plant, following observations are made:

  • Power factor is 0.92 with Existing Fixed Capacitor Banks.

  • Leading Power Factor which cause high Rkvah lead.

  • Space inside Plant is not available to install Capacitor Banks.


High Voltage Automatic Controlled Harmonic Filter Banks at 11 KV Main Bus in Open Switch yard.

Project Implementation

Design, Manufacturing & Installation of Outdoor type Pole Mounted Automatic Controlled Passive Harmonic Filter Banks 6100 kvar , 14 KV , 3phase with Vacuum Contactors for Group Compensation.


  • PF improvement > 998.
  • More than 7 % Saving in KVAH Consumption.
  • Rkvah lead controlled to negligible value.
  • Reduction in Electrical Breakdowns.
  • Comply with Tariff of PSEB.
  • Pay back in less than 6 months.