Project Description

Steel Rolling Mill

TYPE OF INDUSTRYSteel Rolling Mill, Maharashtra India



  • Low power factor
  • High KVAH consumption
  • Leading Power Factor ( High Rkvah lead )
  • Frequent Electrical breakdown
  • Frequent failure of existing capacitor bank.
  • High Monthly Electricity Bill after Revise Tariff from Utility.


After conducting Power Auality Audit in the plant following observations are made.

  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) current is 20 %

  • Power factor is 0.92 with Existing Fixed Capacitor Banks

  • Leading Power Factor which cause high Rkvah lead.

  • Due to resonance effect between conventional type fixed Capacitor Banks & system inductive impedance, the harmonic current amplify to dangerous level and badly affect Power Quality of whole electrical system.


Fast Response Thyristor Switched Automatic Harmonic Filter Banks to have Cycle to Cycle KVAR Control & Detune Resonance condition by providing suitable Passive Harmonic Filters.

Project Implementation

Design, Manufacturing & Installation of Fast Response Thyristor Switched Automatic Harmonic Filter Banks 3000 kvar, 525 V.


  • PF improvement > 998.
  • Rkvah lead control to almost zero.
  • Reduction in Electrical Breakdowns.
  • Comply with New Tariff of MSEB .
  • Optimized KVAH unit Consumptions.
  • Pay Back in less than 6 months .