Project Description

Chemical Plant

TYPE OF INDUSTRYChlorate Plant (Chemical Plant) at Dhaka, Bangladesh



  • Due to Electrolysis Process in the plant , It was not possible to operate Plant at Full load on Captive Plant (Gas Generators)
  • Frequent Electrical breakdowns.


After conducting Power Quality Audit in the plant, following observations are made:

  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) current is 15.90%

  • THD Voltage is 11.80%

  • Power Factor is 0.77

  • The 2nd (Even) Harmonics current is very high, which result to high voltage Harmonic Distortion on Generator. Due to this the Generators are hunting during operation and not able to operate plant at full load.


Digitally controlled Active Harmonic Filter Bank to control THDI & THDV and specially tuned for 2nd even Harmonics.

Project Implementation

Design, Manufacturing & Installation of Digitally Controlled Active Harmonic filter banks of 150 A, 440 V, 3ph, 4 wire at main incomer.

System Improvement Post Implementation

Measurement at main Incomer ACB
Sr No. Parameters Before Installation of Harmonic Filter banks After Installation of Harmonic Filter bank
1. Fundamental current I1 Amp 1301 A 1300
2. 2nd Harmonic Current I2 88 A 30 A
3. 3rd Harmonic Current I3 6.5 A 5.3A
4. 5th Harmonic Current I5 150 A 13.2 A
5. 7th Harmonic Current I7 102 A 22.5 A
6. 11th Harmonic Current I11 42 A 36 A
7. 13th Harmonic Current I13 33 A 24 A
8. Total Harmonic Distortion Current % 15.90 % 6.40 %
9. Total Harmonic Distortion Voltage % 11.80 % 7.10 %
10. Cos Ø 0.78 0.778  lag
11. True Power Factor PF 0.77 0.77 lag
12. True RMS current Amp 1307 A 1304  A
13. True RMS Voltage V/ Phase 234.3V 235 V


  • THDI & THDV reduced to < 7 % from initial value of 16% & 12 % respectively after Installation of Harmonic Filters.
  • Plant can operate at Full load on Captive Generation after installation of Harmonic Filter Banks.
  • Reduction in Electrical Breakdown.
  • Huge Saving in Energy Charges due to fully operation of plant on Gas Generation.